With the goal of offering an individualized experience for each participant, the ‘interactive self-portrait’ is a guided and carefully- crafted vehicle for self-expression. Using a camera mounted on a tripod and a remote control, each participant is given free reign to snap several pictures as they capture their own series of images. Professional prints are given to the participants as gifts  along with copies and exclusive rights for the partnering organization to utilize for fundraising and awareness purposes. Portraits not taken with the remote control are works by founding director and photographer Sasha Sicurella and are usually the result of special relationships and moments shared on location during a project.


While the final self-portrait prints become cherished objects in themselves, the images are also reminders of the collective and personal experiences had during the project. A series of arts-based workshops centered around the notion of identity encourage children, teenagers, and adults alike to reflect on themselves as unique, important, and beautiful people. Activities include drawing, painting, music, play and, most of all, engaging in a meaningful way with each individual. Public exhibitions at both major art museums and small community centers celebrate the portraits while bringing recognition to partnering organizations.

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